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Instructions for Giving Online

Steps for Giving on Desktop Computer:
1. Click 'Sign Up Free'
2. Select 'Give to Church'
3. Select 'Give Online'
4. Click 'Create Account'
5. Fill Out Boxes and Complete Steps to Create an Account
6. Sign in by entering the PIN you created
7. Go to 'Find a church...' and type "First Baptist Church of Talladega" <<that wording exactly
8. Select 'Give Now'
9. Enter Your Payment Method
10. Fill out Amount that you desire to give.
11. Select 'Tithes' instead of General Funds (this is for organization purposes)
12. If you desire to give automatically on a recurring basis, please select your desired timeframe and other options associated with that.
13. BEFORE YOU CLICK SUBMIT, we ask that you please select 'cover fees.' This is so the church receives the full amount you desire for them to receive and does not have to pay fees. (These are minimal, and we appreciate you clicking that button!)
14. Click 'Give' 
15. You should receive an email confirmation and thank you for giving!