Praise & Worship Ministry

Our music ministry is led by Pastor Heath and the Worship Choir. The music ministry of FBC Talladega emphasizes congregational singing. This entails that the songs selected for the worship gathering must meet three criteria. First, they must be God-centered. Worship is centered on God, and therefore the songs should be written accordingly. Second, they must be theologically sound. The Bible declares that God is seeking those who worship Him in spirit (in Christ) and in truth. In order to worship in truth, we must sing songs that are in line with the standard of truth--the word of God. Finally, the songs must be congregationally singable. There are many great songs that are simply not singable by a congregation due to complex rhythm, excessive words, and/or unreasonable keys. Our desire is that the people of God sing together to worship God, edify one another, and proclaim the gospel to those who have not heard.